The phrase unconditional love is so frequently utilised in Christian communities, that there is a generally accepted assumption is that the concept is biblical.  A quick search however will tell you that unconditional love is mentioned exactly ZERO times in the bible. 
Marriage was created as a covenant relationship where love is supposed to thrive. But somehow, God's intention for marriage and the state that so many people are experiencing in their own marriages is a far cry from what God had in mind. So far in fact that some parties involved are reaping death and destruction.  But I can assure you that that is not God's plan for your life.     

Love cannot be earned or demanded.  Love is simply given and received.  It is a state of relationship characterised by value.  Value for the other person and value for self. 

And so Love that Counts contemplates these issues with an honest and considered approach, understanding that the unqualified teaching that God hates divorce has resulted in the destruction of millions of women and children around the world. 

And while God is a God of love and love is experienced in relationships, 'Love that Counts' acknowledges that in cases of abuse, divorce may be a necessity.     

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